Raleigh HOG supports Oxford orphanage

(March 22, 2015) The Raleigh Chapter of the Harley Owners Group (Raleigh HOG) had the opportunity to support the Masonic Home for Children in Oxford, NC yesterday. In spite of the cool, damp weather we had approximately 100 motorcycles show for this event. I cannot imagine anything more rewarding than helping children in need. I think it’s safe to say that all of us who were there felt our time and money were well invested.

I met my good friend and fellow Harley rider, Mike Russo, at his house just before 8:00 a.m. We left right away and stopped at Bojangle’s for a cup of coffee. We then took city streets through Cary and Raleigh to Arvin Inc. on Fayetteville Road in Raleigh. Mike needed a new gasket for the fuel connector on a generator. These kinds of errands are so much more fun on the bikes, even when it’s misty and 45°F. 

In spite of these two stops, we still made if to Ray Price Harley-Davidson by 9:05. Registration started at nine and the ride didn’t actually leave until around 10:30. Usually, I am impatient and become irritated when I have to stand around waiting for so long, but the cool temperature, good company, and a tasty cigar made the wait almost enjoyable.

The ride started off a bit chaotically as a rider ahead of Mike Russo and me apparently stalled his bike as we were pulling away from the dealership. That caused the group to be split into two even before we managed to get onto South Saunders Street.

Then we got on Interstate 40/440 and that proved to be a bit of a free-for-all as we worked our way through traffic. Once we got onto US 64/264 and then onto I-540, our part of the group managed to reassemble. A police escort for this initial part of the route would have been much appreciated.

As we rode north on NC 50 into Creedmor, NC, the clouds began to dissipate and we enjoyed sunshine. By the time we reached Oxford, the temperature was in the upper 50s with abundant sunshine. After a group photo on the front steps of the main building, we enjoyed an exceptionally good barbecue lunch.

Biker Dogs

Unusual for this ride, we had three dogs along with us. Butch and Chewy are regulars, but Patriot Guard Riders member Tim had his little buddy Snoopy along, and Raleigh HOG member Mark DaPonte had his canine companion on the back of his Tri Glide

First photo (upper left): That’s Butch with Mike Russo. Butch is watching his doggie Chewy, who is at the other end of that leash. Second photo (above): That’s Raleigh HOG Raffle Chairman Steve Roma giving water to Chewy. Third photo (left): That’s Tim having fun with his little riding companion, Snoopy, or Snoop, for short.


While the plan for the ride was for a return to the dealership in Raleigh, Mike, Tim, and I left a little early and headed back on our own. This was the kind of experience that reminds me why I am a HOG member.

Keep the shiny side up!

-The Long Rider 


P.S. I rolled over 108,000 miles on the odometer on this ride.

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