Too Busy Riding to Write About It All

(August 27, 2017) After 22 years there, I was laid off from my job with Leidos at US EPA on June 20. I took advantage of the time off to do some great riding -- in addition to searching for my next job.

Along with plenty of short rides, my sweetheart Lisa and I did two long rides together in June & July: 

  1. June 22 - July 3: Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP, Monument Valley, Colorado (North Carolina - Tennessee - Arkansas - Oklahoma - Texas - New Mexico - Arizona - Utah - Colorado - Kansas - Missouri - Illinois - Kentucky - West Virginia - Virginia)
  2. July 15 - July 23: Buffalo, NY; Niagara Falls, Ontario & New York; Cape Vincent, NY; Falling Water near Ohiopyle, PA (North Carolina - Virginia - West Virginia - Maryland - Pennsylvannia - New York - Ontario)

These two trips totaled more than 7,100 miles across all kinds of landscapes and through a variety of weather conditions. Lisa never complained about her butt hurting or the rain--of which there was plenty. We both had trouble with the desert heat and winds in northern Arizona and the chill of Colorado Rockies air. She is an amazing riding companion!

We rode together through 18 different states and Ontario, Canada in just four weeks. Consequently, I earned my 200,000 mile HOG patch and she earned my respect as a rider. She is now a veteran motorcycle tourer. 

My new bike developed some problems on the first ride and I had a minor accident, which I'll write about in my next post.

Hurricane Harvey and dicey weather in Florida have led Lisa and I to abort a ride to the Redneck Riviera next week. My friend Cutter and I might do it at the end of the month if I'm still unemployed and the weather cooperates.

As always, keep the shiny side up!

The Long Rider

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